i pray you never have to go through this. i pray you never have to witness it. but if you do and death steps in the way it always steps in- unannounced and unflattering, i pray that you are surrounded by love and no matter how hard it is, i pray that you let it in always. i pray that you keep on giving love freely and that you never forget deep down in the locked up spaces of your heart that you no longer give to others, that love and only love is the only thing that makes sense and the only thing that matters.


5 thoughts on “untitled.

    1. thank you for reading it. i have just witnessed my aunt pass from a long battle with cancer and my grandmother was so heart broken. she also leaves behind two daughters. i didn’t know what to say or do or how to extend love. i don’t think there was any right thing to do in those situations. this was also very difficult to write. i wrote more but i didn’t feel like it would be appropriate. i couldn’t keep writing without breaking down.

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      1. Your words expressed your pain. I am so very sorry for your loss. Sometimes, our writings are a way to express happiness, longing and, yes, even grief. You do what you need to, and don’t worry what others think. You’re in my prayers xoxo

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